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There are extremes of faith that harm rather than heal. Like those suffering from a Chemical Addiction, the religious addict is often in denial and out of touch with their own reality even though it is very obvious to those close to them. The following quiz taken from the book "Faith that hurts/Faith that heals" can help us check ourselves or those close to us or even our spiritual leaders.
Circle One

Y N 1. Has your family complained that you
are always going to a church meeting rather than spending time with them?

Y N 2. Do you feel extreme guilt for being
out of Church just one Sunday?

Y N 3. Do you sense that God is looking at
what you do and if you don't do
enough He might turn on you or not bless you?

Y N 4. Do you often tell your children what
to do without explaining your
reasons because you know that you are right?

Y N 5. Do you find yourself with little
time for the pleasures of earlier
years because you are so busy
serving on committees and attending
other church functions?

Y N 6. Have people complained that you use
so much Scripture in your
conversation that it is hard to communicate with you?

Y N 7. Are you giving money to a ministry
because you believe God will make
you wealthy or bless you more if you
give more?

Y N 8. Have you ever been involved with a
minister or other church leader

Y N 9. Is it hard for you to make a
decision without consulting your
minister even over small issues?

Y N 10. Do you see your minister as more
powerful & wise than other humans?

Y N 11. Has your faith led you to an
isolated life, making it hard for
you to relate to your family and

Y N 12. Have you ever looked to your
minister for a quick fix to a life
long problem?

Y N 13. Do you feel extreme guilt over the
slightest mistakes or over the
reality that you aren't perfect?

Y N 14. Is your most significant
relationship going bad because of
your strong beliefs or because you
have a "weaker partner"?

Y N 15. Do you ever have thoughts of God
wanting you to destroy yourself or
others in order to go and live with Him?

Y N 16. Do you often believe God is speaking
to you with an audible voice?

Y N 17. Do you believe God is angry with

Y N 18. Do you believe you are still being
punished by God for something you
did as a child?

Y N 19. Do you feel that if you work a
little harder God will finally
forgive you?

Y N 20. Has anyone ever told you they
thought a minister was manipulating
your thoughts?

Answering Yes to three or more is cause for concern.

Finding a Healthy Church - Avoiding Spititual Abuse

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