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Botswana Alcohol Aids Project

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General Information:

Jim MacDonald was an active Alcoholic for 22 years. The Alcoholism was a destructive force in his life stripping him of jobs, families, personal dignity and ultimately, his freedom.

Jim was first detoxified in 1964 at the only Detoxification Facility in the State of Pennsylvania - Mercy Hall in Johnston, PA. Despite a 14 day stay this experience did not deter the progression of the Alcoholism. Jim returned to the destructive drinking for another 11 years ultimately ending up in a padded cell and straight jacket in Butler, PA. Effective intervention during this incarceration led Jim to the Gateway Rehabilitation Center near Pittsburgh, PA where he experienced treatment for 28 days. He was then referred to a Halfway House - The Butler Addiction Center where he stayed for one year. The date of Jim's admission to the padded cell is the date of the beginning of his life free from addiction - January 3, 1975. Jim has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to the treatment of addiction and has become a recognized expert in the design, implementation, and delivery of Addiction Treatment Services which produce sober, transformed lives.

Addiction Services Experience:

1975 - 1976 Counselor - Butler Addiction Center (a State and Federally Funded Halfway House)

1976 - 1978 Director - The Gate House (A State Funded Halfway House)

1976 - 1979 Founder - Problem Drinking Alternatives - A Private Practice contracted with State of Pennsylvania to deliver Alcoholism Counseling and Therapy to referred patients.

1976 - 1979 Via Problem Drinking Alternatives, contracted with State of Pennsylvania to write, design and implement States first programs for persons convicted of Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol. Implemented and ran Programs in 4 different Pennsylvania counties.

1977-1979 Employed by Alcoholism Services Inc. of Harrisburg, PA as an Out-Patient Counselor/Therapist. Carried caseload of 50 adjudicated persons who, Pre-Trial and Post Trial were mandated by the Court to receive Alcoholism Evaluation and Treatment. Served and recognized by Courts as Expert Witness in Trials and Hearings.

1979 - 1983 Executive Director of The Bethesda Mission of Harrisburg. Large Inner-City Shelter for the Addicted Homeless - male and female.

1983 - 1985 Chaplain with The Association of Christian Truckers. Operated a Tractor Trailer Unit converted to a Mobile Chapel and Offices traveling the Highways of the United States and Canada delivering Spiritual and Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services to the Truck Divers of North America.

1985 - 1991 Founder of Alcoholism Recovery Ministries, Intl. Created, designed and hosted (for six years) an International Radio Broadcast;Freedom From Addiction. Installed 12 Step Recovery Meetings in Cities of Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA.

1991- 2000 Director of Recovery Ministries at Bethesda Mission of Harrisburg. Created, designed and installed highly effective Inpatient Treatment experience for Addicted Homeless persons - male and female.

2000 - 2001 Founded MacDonald Addiction Recovery Systems which provided Recovery Coaching, Relapse Prevention, Addiction Education and other addiction associated services on a contract basis. Currently contracted with Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery in Harrisburg - a State Licensed Halfway House.

2001 - Present Executive Director and Co-Founder of Botswana Alcohol/Aids Project, Francistown, Botswana. BAAP is an NGO devoted to bringing Addiction recovery concepts and services to the Country of Botswana in recognition that Alcohol Abuse in Botswana is a primary factor in the continued growth of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

General Education:

Honor Graduate, Massanutten Military Academy - Woodstock, Virginia - 1956

Grove City College - Business Administration

University of Indiana - Psychology

University of Pittsburgh - Industrial Engineering

Moody Bible Institute - Biblical Studies

Addiction Education:

Graduate - Eastern Pennsylvania Institute of Alcohol Studies - 1975

Graduate - Clinical Training Program in Alcoholism, Division of Social Sciences, Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hospital - 1977

Graduate - The Advanced Relapse Prevention Certification School, The Center for Applied Sciences Corporation, Matteson, Illinois - 1997

Graduate - Relapse Prevention Update - Clinical Systems for the New Millennium; The Center for Applied Sciences Corporation, Matteson, Illinois - 1998

Graduate/Participant; Various ongoing Educational and Training experiences in Addictions and Mental Health.

Currently Enrolled: Center for Substance Abuse Prevention's 8 Unit Course "Foundations of Prevention"

Other Information:

Ordained Minister - International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.- 1986

Member - American Association of Christian Counselors

Member of ISAAC - International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition

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